What does our training deliver?

 A leaner, more productive sales force and confident leaders who strengthen organisational culture, increase results and drive profit.

Yellow Door offers training tailored to suit your business – from half-day workshops through to multi-module courses, either in groups or one to one. Our process is simple and results-focused; after an initial consultation to establish your objectives and understand your company, we’ll work with you to design a training solution that works.

Once the programme is complete, we’ll provide you with a follow-up report of insights and advice, helping you to embed sustainable, positive change in your business. 

“The team really enjoyed the day and I really think everyone took something away from it. They were all very engaged and loved how you delivered the session!”

Claire Whiteford, Multi-property Director of Human Resources, Marriott Hotels

“I’d heard it was a really good course and wasn’t disappointed! Thanks so much, great job”. Justin Marking FRICS, Head of Global Residential, Savills

“Thank you for all your hard work – the feedback I get from the teams is great”.Simon Tracey, Group CEO, Vibration Group

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday, I just wanted to say how valuable I found it, I have had management & sales training in the past and it felt like a waste of time out of the office — your training is the polar opposite.”
Jemma Scott, Head of Venue Sales & Events, Venue Lab

SALES SKILLS - Creating business in a competitive marketplace

How do you maximise sales? In a world where knowledge has become an online commodity and consumers are increasingly informed, the best salespeople have returned to their core – the art of conversation. We believe in an elemental approach to selling, throwing out the tropes of sales patter and flattery, and returning instead to a more human and personalised approach.

We equip your salespeople to become better listeners, communicators and influencers so they can understand, challenge and fulfil the needs of your consumers – and crucially enable them to see real value in your proposition..

We liberate your people from the temptation to discount, instead helping them to build value, take control and create mutually-rewarding relationships that inspire loyalty and deliver repeat revenue.

High Ticket Sales Negotiation

This course delivers practical skills relating to higher value deals and empowers your salespeople with the confidence to close them at the very highest prices and fees.

What makes high ticket selling both different and the same as other selling? Delivered by the founder of the world’s most successful online poker tutorial company, this memorable course deepens confidence and ability by combining key skills from the world of poker with high value sales experience. We examine three key areas:

• Increasing your acuity (reading people quickly and getting them onside)
• ‘All-in’ selling (selling non-apologetically, recognising your value and being in control)
• Negotiation and closing (staying on the front foot, holding your nerve, pivoting away from price to meeting needs, conditional closing)

Leading People, Delivering Results

A business can only thrive with a unified, communicative and supportive leadership team that inspires consistent high performance in their people.

Our leadership training centres around the skills and self-awareness needed to build, manage and sustain high performing teams, including three key areas:

  • Building self-awareness & personal brand
  • Developing and motiving your team
  • Strategic and operational thinking

Our approach centres around creating a performance-focussed coaching culture. We place a heavy emphasis on communication & developmental feedback skills as the critical foundation to building confidence, ability, engagement and results.

With leaders’ time at an ever-increasing premium, we’ll give them the practical tools, guidance and confidence to balance their people management responsibilities with their every day business priorities. 

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Across the service sector, the consumer mindset is growing ever more demanding. With many consumers poised to write reviews on social media that can make or break a business, the customer experience has never mattered more. We explore the vision for your customer & client experience and examine why the consumer mindset matters.

We’ll equip your people with the skills, tools and confidence to deliver a customer experience that delights clients and fuels referrals. We’ll ensure they are able to identify opportunities and exceed expectations, as well as having the skills and emotional agility to turn complaints into compliments on the rare occasion things don’t go to plan.

Presenting with Confidence

Whether you are presenting in a pitch, meeting or conference, your audience wants to be energised and entertained. They want their interest piqued and their questions answered.  

We help you craft & deliver your message, creating rich and impactful stories to ensure your messages are concise yet powerful.  

We’ll give you a host of tips to improve, ample opportunity to practice and refine your techniques and, crucially, the tools to develop your own confident and effective personal style.


Employee Advocacy

What is employee advocacy?   In the simplest terms, employee advocacy is the promotion of an organisation by its staff members. An employee advocate can generate positive exposure and raise brand awareness through their own digital or offline channels. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations have always been the most meaningful. But in today’s landscape, so much communication is digital and it costs a lot of money to reach potential audiences. The average employee has 10x more connections than a brand and digital algorithms are programmed to favour personal posts over corporate content. 

So when an employee shares information on what your company is doing, whether it’s about your latest product or research, your CSR program, or merely a casual update about the terrific company culture, their posts will gain organic exposure that simply cannot be achieved through the firm’s own channels. 

A strategic employee advocacy program will positively impact a business through: 

  • Improved marketing through access to larger, more engaged audiences (Employee shares have double the click-through rate of corporate shares.)
  • Improved sales as employees become trusted advisers and thought leaders within their niche
  • Improved company culture and retention. Increased employee engagement leads to greater loyalty and productivity as employees feel valued and their positivity is authentic, which in turn attracts top talent to the firm.

Socially engaged employees will boost a brand within their networks and beyond. They share what makes your company great with their peers, while demonstrating the high level of talent your company already possesses.